LIS Integration

Medical Device Software Development needs to embrace the latest data systems. When your solution supports LIS integration, you make it easier for healthcare providers to serve their patients and promote your product.

The RND Group offers LIS integration services for both released Medical Device Software Development products and those still in development. We also have a highly-customizable “off the shelf” product, which can help get your solution to market even sooner.

Connecting Your Device

While your Medical Device Software Development may or may not need LIS, most medical teams are interested in working with devices that can connect to their IT environment and EHR. For today’s health systems, being able to remotely download or send their test results and orders is a crucial component of patient care.

We typically include LIS integration with our clients’ Medical Device Software Development project lifecycle, while other clients come to us solely for LIS integration. We’re uniquely equipped to help you get to market faster because we already have a framework completed. Our team can collaborate with you at any stage of development, or we can integrate an LIS system to an existing solution.

Need to fine-tune your Medical Device Software Development?

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