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RND Group Named “Essential Critical Infrastructure Worker”

In support of RND Group customers who are responding to national and international needs to expand COVID-19 testing capacity, RND Group staff members have been designated as “Essential Critical Infrastructure Worker(s)”. This designation is from the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency and allows for RND Group staff to continue commuting and working in the RND Group office during this period of state and national lock-down.

RND Group has two customers that have requested fast turn-around software updates to their medical device instrument software, and there are several other customers who are using current releases of software developed by RND Group to support releases of COVID-19 testing capability.

RND Group is extremely proud of its staff and its customers who are working together to respond to the pandemic through delivery of critical additional COVID-19 testing capacity. Our President, Tim DeFrench, shared his thoughts: “Everyone at RND Group understands the work we do truly makes a difference in people’s lives. We are inspired every day by the work we do, but we feel especially motivated and humbled to be able to contribute in any way that we can in this special time of need.”

RND Group will continue to develop the best, highest quality medical device software for COVID-19 testing and for many other tests and uses of medical devices. We wish you and your family health and safety at this time.

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