RND Group Device Portal

Device Portal provides a secure, easy to use solution for managing a fleet of Medical Device Software instruments.

The RND Group Device Portal is a secure, cloud-based solution for managing instruments in the field. The Device Portal eliminates the need to deploy field service personnel to install Medical Device Software Development updates, to gather troubleshooting and system usage data off of instruments, and provides a variety of reports for single and groups of instruments via a web browser. All of the functionality is provided in a product that meets the latest FDA Cybersecurity guidelines.

Features of the Device Portal include:

Instrument Health

  • Heartbeat / State Monitoring
  • System Usage Tracking
  • Upload diagnostic data

Software Updates

  • Track installed software versions
  • Push new software versions to instruments
  • Push protocols, assays, other data to instruments


Organizational Management

  • Define organizations
  • Manage users within organizations
  • Assign instruments to organizations


  • Reporting by instrument or organization
  • Usage reports
  • Software version reports
  • Diagnostic event reports

The standard Device Portal product is a multi-tenant, cloud-hosted application. Other configurations are possible, depending on customer requirements.

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